Are you hoping to leave your time at Windsor with a sense of satisfaction that you somehow made a difference? Then we want you on our P&C! Apart from the major roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary, there are many important ways that you can contribute. A significant way to do this is by volunteering your time, knowledge and skills in a subcommittee or working group. Find out more about the role you could play in your child’s education at Windsor SS.


Subcommittees are permanent fixtures within our school environment, reflecting Windsor P&C’s core roles and values. All subcommittee members consist of a Chair, a Secretary, a treasurer if required and members. Find out about the various subcommittees, and if you see one you like, contact them to offer them your services.

Music Supporters

The Music Supporters Subcommittee helps organise music concerts and events at Windsor State School and generally showcase music within the school community. They encourage collaboration between parents, teachers, students, and the school community. They also raise funds for music department resources. If you are musically minded or just passionate about providing musical opportunities for our children, we would love to see you on this Committee. Contact us or see more about the Music Supporters Subcommittee.

Fair (WindsorFest)

Planning and operating our WindsorFest events are a significant operation. The Fair Subcommittee seeks to provide a profitable, community-inclusive, and family-friendly one-day event every two years. These operations are planned months, and sometimes years ahead. The proceeds of WindsorFest provide a significant portion of the P&C funding which we allocate towards our objectives. The Fair Subcommittee needs help in a wide range of areas - from convening sponsorship, logistics, communications, and stalls to donations. Reach out to see how you can help:


The Seawolves Subcommittee coordinates and oversees the operations of the Seawolves Swimming Club. It aims to provide a program of events which builds on each member’s swimming capabilities in a safe, fun, challenging and inclusive environment. Its voluntary operations also raise funds to maintain and improve the swimming facilities of the Club, located at the Windsor State School pool. If you’re inspired to help our swim club, contact

Working Groups

Working groups are temporary groups made up of P&C members with unique skillsets, who oversee the implementation of a specific outcome. You may liken them to breakaway groups. Generally, they serve a purpose which has an end. Once that end has transpired, the group is disbanded. P&C Working Groups have been instrumental in making significant improvements for our school community over the past several years. Here are a few examples:

What our past groups have achieved

  • Communications Working Group (2016 – 2020) – Branding of P&C, implementation of new communications platform (Schoolzine), implementation of event ticketing system, development of communications for all P&C events, new P&C website.
  • eLearning Working Group (2016-2017) - Provided expertise to assist with planning and implementation of the schools Information Communication and Technology (ICT) plan across all year levels; implementation of BYOD program in conjunction with School and parent community.
  • STEAM Working Group (2017-2018) - Investigation and implementation of opportunities for students to participate in STEAM activities; assisted with teaching support in the delivering of STEAM in classrooms and through the Innovators of Tomorrow extra-curricular program.
  • Airconditioning Working Group (2016 – 2018) – Monitoring and analysis of classroom temperature data, development of air conditioning staging plan, investigation of costs and heritage issues.
  • Container Refund Scheme Working Group (2018 – 2019) – investigated and presented options to the P&C and School, implementation of chosen option (CRS Pod at school).

Working Groups currently operating within Windsor State School P&C

WSS Sustainability Group

Our Sustainability Group works in collaboration with the School to implement ways of sustainable living in our school. The Group is currently focussed on building a Sustainable Garden, which will be the first step in setting up our school under the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.

Sports Supporters Group

Our Sports Supporters Group is focussed on sports-related fundraising aimed at improving our sports facilities and sports uniforms whilst providing opportunities for our kids to enjoy extra sporting events

Individual event working groups

The P&C and the music supporters group run regular events throughout the year. Temporary working groups are formed to help organise these events. Check out our events page to see if there is something you can assist with and reach out to the appropriate sub-committee with your offer of help.

How else can I help?

If you can’t manage a commitment to a subcommittee or working group there are still many ways you can give us a hand and support your school. You can become a P&C member (even if you never attend a meeting). You can attend our events throughout the year. You can also volunteer to look after a stall, make donations, bake a cake or flip a sausage at our election day BBQ! Keep your ear to the ground and listen for how you can get involved via our jobs board.