Give the gift of a bright future to your local community

Partnering in education is the ultimate way to contribute meaningfully to the place where you do business. The Windsor State School P&C welcomes business sponsorship of our activities, which we run to assist our children and the school community, both now and into the future.

Benefits of partnering with our P&C

The Windsor State School community is a vibrant community which is growing year on year. Presently, our school population sits at approximately 500 families. If the target market of your business or organisation is local families, then Windsor P&C sponsorship is the perfect way to reach our school community with your messages.

Our school population consists of parents who are highly motivated to further their children’s education. As a school community, we love to support the businesses who support us. We shop and eat locally and spend on services that are right around where we live. Your partnership is helping to foster that sense of community that we all need. Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to reach those families and promote your business. It also offers the potential to form business connections within the parent body and the wider school community.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

There are many ways local businesses and organisations can sponsor our children’s education at Windsor, through the Windsor State School P&C. These opportunities are primarily centred around our diverse range of events, held throughout the year. Events are the lifeblood of our school community, and we’ve got lots going on at Windsor State School!

Our events are varied, to cater to our widening demographic. This may mean a specific event appeals well to your business’ target market. Some, like WindsorFest, are community events where you can reach an even bigger section of the local population.

Event support options

Financial sponsorship
We accept and welcome cash donations to support our events. In turn, we offer various levels of sponsorship. As part of your agreement we may acknowledge your sponsorship by including your organisation’s name, business summary, logo and contact details in our promotion of the event. Promotion of the event may include event collateral, our P&C website, Facebook page, school newsletter or direct email marketing to our parent community. The precise scope of our sponsorship agreement is determined by the budget and size of the event, the event’s promotion plan, and your contribution.

In-kind sponsorship
In-kind sponsorship is a great way to donate to our P&C and you can do this either in part or wholly. This is perfect when we are seeking goods and services related to running an event. Sponsorship in kind could include providing marquees, event styling or other hire services. Or perhaps you can donate food and drink, or provide entertainment services? Again, this may include the publication of your logo, information and contact details on our event collateral, website, Facebook page, school newsletter, and email newsletter, depending on the level of donation.

Raffle donations
We welcome the donation of raffle prizes for goods and services from your business. Raffle donations are a lovely way to offer your support for our school activities. In addition, you give the winner an opportunity to try out your product or service for themselves, (and tell everybody about it!) For raffle donations, your business exposure is generally confined to the event day, and in ticket sales leading up to that day. From time to time, we may also feature your business logo and details on our website, Facebook page, school newsletter, and email newsletter as determined by the event marketing plan.

Limitations to sponsorship

It is important to be aware that the P&C is a community organisation, bound by a Constitution and guidelines from The Department of Education (DET) and P&Cs Queensland.

We make every effort to adhere to the sponsorship plan we have set out for your business. Please remember though, this is an organisation run by volunteers. We make no guarantees as to the quality or reach of any of our marketing materials, although we have made every effort to ensure our parent population is well informed on all activities and events run by the P&C.

For event sponsorship, it is important to note, that the precise nature of the event, the individual marketing plan for the event and the level of sponsorship you offer will determine the level of exposure you may receive. You can discuss these details with the individual event convenor at the time of offering your sponsorship.

Help grow our local community

For more information and how to offer your much-needed assistance, please reach out via email: pandc@windsorsspandc.com.au

Our team of volunteers can help you find the right partnership which fits your business and budget. Thank you in advance for your wonderful support.