Windsor State School P&C

The Windsor State School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is a robust and active group linking families, communities, and our school. We volunteer our time, skills, and knowledge to help make Windsor State School a wonderful place to learn and be. We do this, through promoting parent participation and encouraging collaboration between parents, students, school communities and local businesses and organisations.

We are committed to enriching the quality of education at Windsor and achieving the best educational outcomes for children and young people. We support our school’s growth and development by value-adding to the resources, opportunities and facilities already provided through the school and Department of Education.

A legacy of service

Your P&C has a 155-year history which we can all be proud of, and which will inspire Windsor parents for years to come. We look to encourage “The Windsor Way” in all that we do. To provide a great example for our children of how meaningful it is to serve something greater than ourselves. To show them that “together we can achieve more.”

We do this by offering our time and expertise in countless ways, big and small. From buttering sandwiches to working in our gardens. From hosting events to facilitating new buildings and structures. We’re serving a common good and giving our children every chance to thrive in their educational environment.

Many parents before us have helped to shape this school. They have left a legacy which we follow. A legacy of service, teamwork, and friendship. When we leave, we hope those to follow us will do the same.

Our team

The key executive positions on the Windsor State School P&C committee are:


Rebecca Tuplin

Vice President

Kirsten Annesley


Vanessa O'Connell


Tony Corallo


We are supremely proud of our achievements to build a better, stronger school for our children. Some of our most notable achievements in recent years include:

  • 2019

    $17,000 grant secured, plus a P&C donation of $20,000 for a shade sail over the playground between the Constitution Building and A Block.

  • 2019

    Donation of $35,000 for new classroom Maths & Reading Resources

  • 2019

    Airconditioning of the hall, library and all classrooms completed

  • 2018

    Resumption of the Officeworks site for future use by Windsor State School and demolition of the existing building

  • 2017

    Investigation and planning for air conditioning the school and implementation of stage one

  • 2016

    Supported the Windsor State School ICT plan with a donation of $90,000 for the implementation of 5 iPads into every classroom

  • 2016

    Upgraded and extended the School Hall stage via a $35,000 P&C secured grant plus $35,000 P&C donation

  • 2016

    Implementation of the Schoolzine communications platform

  • 2015

    Secured commitment from the QLD State Government to return land occupied by Officeworks to the school for future use and development

  • 2015

    Hosted Windsor State School’s 150th Celebrations

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”

Dr. Suess

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